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Domain Name Registration
Annual Expense: (approx. $10/year - $35/year)

Registering your domain name is the first of three annual expenses you can expect as a website owner. The price you pay depends on the domain registrar and features you select. A price reduction is generally available if you decide to register for more than one year at a time.

The name of your website will be fully integrated into its design and therefore it is the first decision you should make in the process leading to your new website. What makes a good domain name? Well, it's a subjective issue, but here are five tips to hopefully point you in the right direction.

1. Good domain names are easy to remember
and easy to type.
2. Hyphens should be avoided if possible.
3. Remember your audience.
4. Don't use words that are tough to spell.
5. Ensure that there will be no trademark or other legal problems with the domain name you choose.

Your domain name can end with any of the following:
(including but not limited to)
.com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .info

We do encourage clients to search for and register their own domain name with a reputable domain registrar. We have used the following with positive results:

GoDaddy.com     NetworkSolutions.com     NameCheap.com

Site Hosting
Annual Expense: (approx. $50/year - $300/year)

We do require that CJS designed sites be hosted by CJS (until initial development is completed). The amount you pay for hosting depends on the amount of content you have on your site combined with the number of visitors you expect to have and will be approximated during the initial content review. CJS offers "cPanel Accounts" for clients who are interested in being actively involved in their site's development and daily administration.

Idologic HostingCJS design hosting is offered through the 'Idologic Reseller Program'. With a 99.5% uptime guarantee, Idologic, Inc. is a globally based company with an excellent reputation for service, support, stability and reliability.

Updates and Maintenance
Annual Expense: (one hour included with hosting otherwise $35/hour)

You will need to keep your site current and functioning optimally. We recommend at least one update/technical evaluation per year but it really depends on the type of site you have. This can be determined during the initial content review.
Besides the three annual fees discussed above there is also the cost of your website's initial development. This can range from an inexpensive one page placeholder to a multiple page e-commerce site or customized content management system.

Every website has its own particular requirements and we would love to discuss your needs. Please contact us to begin your content review.


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